Downtown Chatham
BSN Meet & Mingle at Rossini’s
March 22, 2016

The Business Social Network is similar to the old BNI model with some really fun differences. The group will be meeting every two weeks in the evening. Members will be able to vote on topics, accept new members and plan group initiatives all from their mobile device! The group will only be taking one member from each respective field of expertise (ie. one printer, one lawyer etc). Once the group is established, referrals are then given to those members within the group. Any monies/membership fees are the property of the group, in which it is entirely up to the group to decide what they want to do together (group advertising, sponsorship etc). There will be a free information session held at Rossini’s on September 26th at 7pm. Your first beverage and some munchies will be supplied. The website will also be ready that evening for potential members to take a look at.